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One of the best Disney decisions I have made is going to Mickey's Halloween Party. It was fabulous. We went on a weeknight, and you could enter the park three hours before the beginning of the event. If you want to enter the park more than three hours prior to the party you have to pay for a day pass along with your Halloween party ticket. Our particular event started at 6:00, so we could enter the park at 3:00. You are given a wrist band that must be worn to show you are attending the party. Park employees usher out all patrons that don't have a wrist band before the party starts. One of the greatest parts of Mickey's Halloween Party is that only a certain number of tickets are sold for each night, so you have the opportunity to do a lot of things even though it is only a five hour party.

Here are some thoughts of mine about what not to miss, and things to possibly consider when deciding to go to Mickey's Halloween Party.

1.  Wear costumes, but, wear costumes you would enjoy riding rides and hanging around a theme park in.  I dressed up as Sadness from Inside Out and it was an easy costume because it was pants, top, blue hair, etc.  My daughter wanted to be Cinderella, so we made sure she had a shirt and leggings on under her dress so it was an easy off if she wanted to do something that was a bit hard to do in a Cinderella dress. 

2.  Make sure if you are interested in meeting characters that you take the opportunity during the Halloween Party.  I had heard that interactions are more personal, and that is what I experienced.  I waited in line to meet the princesses with my little Cinderella, and when we met them they spent actual time with my daughter talking and dancing and twirling with her.  To see her eyes and smile that night is a moment that can't be replaced.  

3.  Make sure you go to Frontier Land and check out the Halloween tree.  It is an every year part of the Halloween decorations.  It is in celebration of the book The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. 

4.  Spend some time looking at the Halloween decorations.  Don't miss all the cool lights and atmosphere during the party.  Things are decorated differently during the party than just a regular night at the park.  During the day make sure you look around the windows of Main Street at all the carved pumpkins.  In true Disney fashion no detail is left undone.  

5.  Make sure you ride rides during the Halloween Party if you are a ride lover.  Lines were as short as 15 minutes, and my husband and friends rode on more rides during the five hours of the Halloween Party than they did during a whole day at the park.  

6.  The parade is fun, and the Halloween Party fireworks are a must-see.  People seem to start taking their spots by the castle and on the curbs earlier than I would, but, I am also okay with just walking up to the back of the crowd and watching when it starts.  Know your personal preference and plan accordingly with your group based on what you want to do.

Also, just one more shout out to something that is now closed, but that I miss SO MUCH.  Big Thunder BBQ was such a fun restaurant and was decorated so amazing at Halloween.  The food was delicious, and the entertainment was fun.  It is now closed because of the construction of the Star Wars area of the park.  I can only hope that as the construction finishes and the Star Wars area opens that Disney can reopen this restaurant or open something similar in the Star Wars area of the park.  It was a gem.  
If you have a chance to enjoy Disney at Halloween, take it!  If you have ever gone to Mickey's Halloween Party, comment, and let me know your tricks and thoughts. 

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